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Cheaper than Taxi Fares in Goa

Here is the real life situation. You and your friend have just arrived at Dabolim Airport in Goa. You take a Taxi to reach to Colva beach in South Goa. Cost Rs.800/- One Way, Drop only. Your friend hires a Rental Car from the same Airport. He pays Rs.1500/- for a full day’s rental charge. Fills in Gas as much as he needs. He meets you at Colva beach along with a “Self Drive’ Brand new car at his disposal to do sightseeing of full of South Goa. You can see for yourself. Renting a Self Drive Car in Goa makes much better sense anytime as you will save plenty of money on Taxi fares to different places in Goa.


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Full Holiday Privacy without a driver tagging along.

Enjoy your Holiday in Goa with Family or Friends in the full privacy without another driver eating a seat and a stranger moving along with you all the time. Go where you want to go. Stop where you want to stop. Shop wherever you want to. With you in driver’s seat you are in control of your comfort, privacy and destination. From early morning to late night, you can discover Goa at your comfort and convenience levels.


Rent a Car provides you the same car that you drive at home.

Feel just like you were driving your own car back at home. You can choose the same Car Model, so that you are totally Confident and Comfortable in driving the Rent a Car all around Goa.


Drive Luxury Rental Cars in Goa

Thanks to Rental Cars Services, now you choose and select latest luxury cars to drive and party around in Goa. While roaming around in Goa, you can drive in style by choosing exclusive and exotic Luxury Cars that suit and compliment your budget and taste.


Rental Cars provide Freedom.

Renting a car in Goa provides you the Comfort, Convenience and Control over lots of things while holidaying in Goa:

  • No waiting for Buses in Queues.
  • No Controlled routes or itineraries.
  • No high Taxi charges for point to point travel.
  • No tension of strange taxi drivers.
  • No more waiting for Taxi Driver to come on time.

Welcome to Kimberly Cars, where we give you multiple choices to choose your desirable car to travel all around in Goa with the same homely comfort and convenience. Renting a car makes better sense than taking Taxi’s in Goa.


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