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KC Cars in South Goa or the Cars Rentals in Goa website is the most comfortable and safest way to do sightseeing all over Goa. In the rains Goa Cars protect from getting wet and in the sun it protects from getting sun burns. Why get tired unnecessarily before reaching your destination in Goa? KC Cars have a variety of cars to suit your needs and budget too. KC Cars offer you three simple choices: 1. Goa Rental Cars (Self Driven) 2. Goa Hire Cars (Chauffeur driven) and 3. Goa Taxis (with driver)


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Delhi – Political Capital. Goa – Holiday Capital

Goa gets a huge number of tourists and visitors from the Capital city of Delhi and its surrounding areas. Goa gets tourists from both, Old Delhi as well as New Delhi areas. The residents of Delhi and surrounding areas are all centrally locked and have never seen large bodies of water and Ocean Waters of the Arabian Sea. To most people of Delhi the beach waters of Goa and the vast ocean seas are a huge delight.  Maximum number of Delhi residents love to do sightseeing in Goa with their own Self Driven Rental Car.

Delhites love Goa.

Goa is a favourite destination of Delhi people. Most residents of Delhi like and love Goa and it’s a constant holiday attraction to over 11 Million people who become potential tourists for Goa. Business men of Delhi love Goa so much that many now do Hotels and Hospitality business in Goa too. Many Delhi citizens are pleasantly surprised to find many Hotels & Resorts owned by Delhi businessmen. To make travel easy and comfortable within the state of Goa, there are thousands of Cars available for self drive or with a driver along. Cars on Rent and Cars on Hire are available everywhere in Goa.

Goa by Plane or Train

Due to large travel distances, majority of Delhi people travel first by plane and next choice is train. Goa is situated at a distance of 1884 kms from Delhi. Driving from Delhi to Goa by own Car is not recommended and not advisable due to the 48 plus hours (almost 2 full days & full nights) nonstop driving time. Why drive your car so far, when you can rent or hire the same model and make of car in Goa from KC Goa Car Rentals Service.






Colourful Goa Sunsets

Goa attracts large number of tourists from the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, mainly from Chennai (Madras) the capital city. Tamil Nadu is situated on the coastal side of the Bay of Bengal, so most of the Tamilians are familiar with its many beaches. Their beaches see the Sunrise. The beaches in Goa see the Sunset. Most Beach Sunrises are just gloriously bright. But the Sunsets in Goa are Spectacular and very Colourful and this attracts the Beach loving people of Tamil Nadu to Goa.


Continental Food & Western Lifestyle of Goa

Most Tamil people are attracted to the different cuisines of Goa such as Goan, Continental and Portuguese food varieties. Goa also hosts large number of foreign Multi-Cuisine restaurants like Greek, Thai, Chinese, Burmese, English, and Mexican etc to the food lovers of Chennai and Tamil Nadu.


Goa by Plane or Train

Chennai and most cities of Tamil Nadu are at a far away distance of approximately 18 to 20 hours plus of driving one way by road nonstop to reach Goa state. The distance between Goa and Chennai is around 950 kms one way. That means if driving by own private car, you will be driving around 2000 kms just to come and go to Goa.  Most tourists from Chennai to Goa come by Flight or by Train. Then there are hundreds of Rental and For Hire Cars all over Goa. In South Goa one is KC Cars or





Goa Nightlife Lovers

Bengaluru now, earlier known as Bangalore is another Mega City of South India that attracts its residents to rush to Goa on every weekend. For most of the Bangaloreans, Goa is a weekend destination. Board one of the many Buses or Trains on Friday night and you reach early morning in Goa. Catch an early Friday evening flight and you get to spend an extra night in Goa. Most Bangalore people love nightlife and hence they get instantly attracted to the Night Club Culture of North Goa. Most young tourists and new families come to weekends in Goa to drink and dance at Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs and Discotheques in Goa. KC Cars assist you in getting the best vehicles for your late night drives all over Goa.


Stress life to Susegad lifestyle

Bengaluru being an IT city and a Mega city too, most of the residents are having a stress filled city and urban life. After a week of hard work, they love to party hard or rest & relax at Goa Beaches. Bengaluru is a land locked city so it does not have access to any beaches of its own. Hence Goa is a great attraction for beach lovers to head for some Sand, Sea and Surf.


Goa by Plane or Train or Bus

Boarding any Night Train or Night Bus departing from Bengaluru reaches the tourists to Goa at early morning around Sunrise time. Goa is located at a long distance of 625 kms one way road distance. Most of Bengaluru residents are used to driving Cars in traffic choked roads, but here in Goa they will love to rent a self driven car to tour all of Goa on their own travel plans.  KC Cars in South Goa offers Goa Rental Cars and Goa Hire Cars and also Goa Taxis for your partying and sightseeing needs in Goa.





Bombay (Mumbai) to Goa

From the very first Bollywood Hindi Film, “Bombay to Goa”, of Sir Amitabh Bachan’s fame, Goa has become the “Go To” Destination for most Mumbaikars. The Mega city of Mumbai has many beaches of its own, but sad to say they are all polluted. So residents of Mumbai rush to Goa to jump into the crystal clear and clean waters of every beach in Goa. To add to their happiness, Goa has more than 72 plus beaches from North Goa to South Goa. Walk into any coastal village and it has its very own beach in Goa. Mumbaikars being city people too love cars and KC Cars ( provides them all types of cars on rent and hire for their driving pleasure all over Goa.


Street Food Lovers to Goan Fish Curry

Mumbaikars are fish crazy people. They love to eat Pompfrets, Prawns, Squids, and Bombay Ducks. So the vast variety of Sea Food available at every restaurant is an amazing delight to them.  First thing every Mumbaikar wants to eat in Goa is a Goan Fish Thali. KC Taxi drivers and Tourist guides can assist in finding the best Seafood restaurants all over Goa.


Goa by Plane, Train, Boat or Bus

Mumbai has the maximum options of travel to Goa. With the latest addition of a Luxury Overnight Cruise Ship that starts at Dockyard in Mumbai at early evening and reaches Vasco da Gama port in Goa by Early morning. Board any Bus or Train leaving at night and you arrive in Goa early morning. Flight time is only 45 Minutes from Mumbai International Airport to Dabolim International Airport in Goa. KC Cars provide you Rental Cars as soon as depart from Goa Airport provided you do Rental Car Reservation in advance of your flight arrival to Goa.


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