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Goa Car Rentals


Hire a Self Driven Car

Car rentals are the service of offering variety of cars for rent on a daily use basis as per the choice of customer. The agency arranging you the car becomes the Car Rental Service provider for a daily usage charge.


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Rental Cars of Goa

Car rentals in South Goa near Betalbatim beach are offered by KC Cars. You can see all the different cars available with KC at Kimberly Cars page. They are Baleno, Ignis, Swift, Dzire, Ritz, Wagonr, Ertiga, Mahindra Thar, Toyota Innova, Honda, Amaze, Hyundai Creta, i20,  i10 Cars.

Self Driven Cars

For the purpose of clarity, all Goa Car Rentals are Self Driven Cars. In other words, these cars are available on rent without chauffeur or driver. Self driven means cars that come without any driver to drive the car around. KC Cars based in South Goa provides, cars to be driven by the customer themselves, wherein the Adult Person, of legal age and holding a valid & active Indian or International driving licence is allowed to rent any car available with KC Cars for their personal use and work in Goa. It is the self undertaking of the client who needs to drive a car to convey self and his family or friends within the geographical state of Goa.



Car rentals common sense

  • Freedom of movement to travel anywhere in Goa at your wish and plans.
  • Renting a Car in Goa is definitely cheaper than hiring a Taxi.
  • A rental car at your service, improves your quality of holiday in Goa.
  • Driving around in your own car all over Goa provides you much comfort and control over your time.
  • The longer your holiday, the cheaper your car rental charges will be for longer use.
  • It’s more affordable to rent a car in Goa, than to drive your own family car from another state of India.
  • Rent a Car turns out to be the most economical way to travel for small families of 4 to per persons.
  • Rent the same model or make of car that you own and use back at home. Rent a car makes your holiday in Goa comfortable and carefree.


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