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How to Rent a Car in Goa?



Car Renting Online or Offline

Depending on how comfortable you are and your ability to do payments and transactions online, then you can choose to pay in advance for your Car Rental Needs in Goa.


In Online payments mode, you will not get to do a physical inspection of the vehicle to be hired by you. You will only be able to see photos of the car you are about to rent.


In Offline payments mode, you will get to see the car and choose any other one before making the decision and commitment of renting a particular model of car in Goa.


Check prices Online on Internet, but book Car offline in Goa:

Visit to check for prices


Now you know your Budget and the Market prices offered for Car Rentals in Goa. Then visit your local friendly neighbourhood Car rental Service Provider like Kim’s Cars or Kimberly Cars for example in South Goa to book your Car Rental service for your South Goa Touring needs.



Choose well known Car Rental Agencies than from the new & unknown ones:


You don’t want to have a breakdown with your car, while driving in the villages of Goa. Hence go with the biggest or best Car Rental Service provider in Goa. Also ask them if they have a Road Service Back Up, just in case if your car breaks down during the day or night. Ensure they have a 24/7 Mobile Phone Service that attends to their Rental Car Customers always.


Ask for any Hidden or Extra Car Rental Charges in advance:

Some common fees include:

  • Underage-driver fees: supplementary fees for a driver under 25.
  • Airport surcharges: supplementary fees for picking up a rental at the airport.
  • Mileage fees: supplementary fees for crossing certain kms per day limit.
  • Additional driver fees: supplementary fees for having more than one driver. Overnight charges apply too


In advance make up your mind, about Size, Type and Brand of Car to rent in Goa:

What type of car do you want to rent in Goa? Petrol, Diesel, Electric, Small Size, Mid Size or SUV, Car or Jeep type, 2 Wheel drive or 4 Wheel Drive, Manual transmission or Automatic, Hatchback, with or without Sunroof, Self Drive or with Chauffeur.


Also which Company Brand car you would like to Self Drive in Goa.


Please be aware, that definitions of what are Compact, Mid Size and Luxury varies from area to area.
Confirm before leaving as to what is the legal passenger capacity of that car / Vehicle


Do you want or do not want extra Insurance?

  • Do you have your own Travel Insurance for your full holiday? Does it cover driving rental cars in Goa state?
  • Does your Credit Card provide some type of add on driving insurance?
  • Do you want to buy fresh, stand alone Rental Car driving insurance for Goa region.
  • Call your insurance company and check if they are willing to extend your car insurance to Goa car rental vehicles too for an extra premium?

Always Phone, before visiting a Car Rental Agency in Goa:

Its best to phone and ask maximum of your concerns and queries before making a personal visit to any Goa rental car agency. This will save time and effort and will make your car rental very smooth and easy too.


Only the person going to drive should book a Rental Car in Goa:

No third party bookings allowed in Goa. Book a Goa Car Rental Service, only if you are going to drive the car all over Goa. Avoid doing this, as this will cause you lots of hardships, during accidents and emergencies.


Click here to Call us at 091 9075158404


Always approach the Goa Car Rental Agency in person:

Most of the Car Rental agencies in Goa prefer walk in customers, so that the basic needed formalities can be carried out comfortably with the Customer who is going to Self Drive the car within Goa. Walk in ----- Complete basic formalities -------- Provide the deposit --------------- Pay the Advance amount --------- Drive out with the Rental car in Goa.


Review Contract if any:

If any written Car Rental Contract is provided then please read the fine print and details before signing. If not understanding anything, then please ask for clarifications.


Payment by Debit Cards or Credit Cards in Goa

Please note that Kimberly Cars in South Goa does not take Third Party Credit Cards for booking rental cars in South Goa. The Credit Card Holder has to be present in the office at the time of booking and taking the Goa Rental Car.


Payment by any other mode, debit cards, payment gateways etc has to be made in advance before receiving the car to drive away with in Goa.


Check the car carefully before you leave the car lot. 

Check for scratches, dents or problems and get them noticed or documented so that you are not held legally responsible for these when you come back with the car. Be careful here. Look for problems both big and small. Are the windows opening properly? Ensure there are no loose parts, dysfunctional lights, leaks, or anything that could be considered damage by the car owner, later. If there is, record and take a picture or video of it in advance before hiring the car.


Fill the Car Tank with Gas/Petrol/ Diesel on your own in Goa

There are plenty of Petrol Pumps all along the National Highway of Goa. Many are open 24/7 too. Gas stations are few in Goa. Best is always to fill the Car Tank with as much as fuel needed by you. This way you can control your driving bills expense. May Car rental agencies will provide you the facility of a full tank of fuel for the fuel cost plus an added convenience charge if it’s okay with you.


Return the Rental Car in Goa AS IT WAS at the time of hiring:

If you or your family & friends have dirtied the car, inside or outside, then it is the duty of the “Hiring Party” to get the car cleaned by yourself or some garage before returning the car. As any dirty car will be charged for cleaning and washing. Trash inside a car will cost you extra Cash at the time of leaving the car with the rental agency.


Most Car Rental Agencies in Goa run on 9 AM to 9 AM (24 hours) basis.

No Car Rental agency starts their 24 hours counting at the time of delivery of Cars. Best time to rent a car is in the beginning of the day in Goa around morning time 09 am. This is the standard rental timing in Goa. Take a Car at 09am Saturday morning. Return it back on Sunday morning 09 am. It will be charged as 1 Day Rent.


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