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The latest trend happening in Goa is of Tourists renting Jeep vehicles to tour the full of Goa. Jeep being a rugged 4 Wheel drive with High Ground Clearance provides the freedom of going where no other vehicle can go in Goa.

Renting a Jeep in Goa is as easy as renting any other vehicle or cars anywhere in Goa. Click here to find how to rent a car. Almost all of the Car rental agencies and companies have in their inventories, couple of Jeep vehicles for their car rental service business in Goa.


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Enjoy the Thrill and Chill of travelling in an open body Jeep, touring the interior hinterlands of Goa. A Jeep can be driven off the tar roads of Goa. One can venture onto the Muddy Goan Roads as one has the assurance and guarantee of Jeep, that you will never get stuck in any sand.

Kimberly Cars of South Goa provides tourists to experience the joys of touring Goa with a Jeep. Self drive Jeeps are provided on a daily rental/hiring basis. Take a break from the everyday rut of driving closed vehicles and drive out for this exhilarating rental trip all over Goa and get a opportunity to observe the spectacular beauty of this region while riding a Jeep.

Pick up your Jeep early morning any day and head for the secret beaches of Butterfly beach, Xendrem beach and many more. Enjoy open air driving with the breeze caressing your face and spotting exciting new landscapes on your own, all along the Coastal roads of Goa.


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