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Self Driven Cars in Goa


What is a Self Driven Car?

Mr. Joseph Cota explains that a Self Driven car is a four wheeler taken on hire by a customer. Customers are mostly tourists but local people also can take cars on hire. It can be a Hatchback, Sedan, Jeep or SUV. The price usually depends on the type of car and the time of the year. KC Car Rentals has a wide variety of cars to choose from.  You can take a look here for the type of cars we have and their prices. The prices as mentioned vary according to the tourist season in place.


Why Choose KC Car Rentals, Goa?

As mentioned earlier we have a wide variety of cars to offer depending on the need and budget of the customer. We have in our possession two Sedans, three SUVs, one Jeep and eight Hatchbacks. All of our cars are totally legal rental cars. Legal, meaning all our cars are having the “Rent a Car” License as issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Goa State. So you will not be breaking any traffic laws of Goa and you won’t have any hassles with the road traffic police.


Advantages of Rental cars in general

While holidaying in Goa you don’t have to worry about price, schedule or bus stops. As rental cars are far cheaper than taxis. Also the schedule of transport and the knowledge of various stops are not required as know you have your own car.

The booking of Rental cars can be done at the airport itself. This saves you from hiring a taxi and dealing with the taxi driver.
Also car rentals give you the freedom to visit remote places. Such places are usually inaccessible by bus.


So if you want to book your car rental with us then give us a phone call


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