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What is an SUV?

SUV simply stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. Though the word Sports is used in an SUV, but it has no direct connection to any kind of particular sports or sporting event. Rather it portrays the vehicle with a “Sporty” design and meant for off trail or off road adventures.


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Any motor vehicle that has all the comforts of a common passenger car and can be driven off the tar road on the dirt track or mud roads along with 4 Wheel Drive and a sufficiently higher ground clearance is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Kimberly Cars explains that An SUV is a car with a body form that is always having big wheels and better & higher road clearance height with stocky and sporty styling.

The SUV cars generally in India have a rough exterior that inspires enjoyment and exploration. The far above the ground driving position offers great visibility and there’s plenty of useful space inside. SUVs are intended to go almost anywhere, for getting out and enjoying life.

In Goa, SUV cars are also rented for transport of passengers, important or heavy loads. Goa Rental SUVs cope very well with all types of road conditions, mud and dirt tracks and also uneven off trail ground surfaces.

For some Mauj, Maaza and Masti (Fun, Frolic & Frivolity) you can rent SUV Cars from Kimberly Cars at Betalbatim beach in South Goa.

Kimberly Cars have on rent for tourists in Goa. But the Toyota Innova is technically not an SUV. Toyota Innova is a huge van that is available in 7 or 8-seater options. In terms of Rider Comfort and Road Comfort, it easily beats many SUVs, including its own much-higher priced sibling Fortuner.

Customers who do not like driving SUV’s also have the option of renting the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is a MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) which is also known as MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle).

Rent an SUV in Goa and Roam in Style.



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